Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jeffery Eye MD

Today, we went to the eye doctor.  Our eye doctor  HAS TO BE  an MD, because of the possible chance of developing uveitis or iritis.  Both are inflammatory eye disorders related to Juvenile Arthritis.    There is also a higher risk of the Chemotherapy drugs used to treat JA causing visual disturbances.  SO...  we went to the eye doctor.

Dr. M.  He is great my kids like him.  He told us today that we only had to come in once a year.  I was a little annoyed so I asked him...  WHY only every year when the Rheumatologist ( aka Rheumy) said, at a minimum every 6 months?    He said, "OH!  Ok...  well lets do 6 months then."  He then proceeded to explain that since "JA, is so uncommon, that there is not a 'real' standard protocol unless there is inflammation"  I was floored...

 UNCOMMON????  Really?  300,000, yes, three hundred thousand kiddos have it...  I know of approximately 100 families...  1 here in idaho...  that have it and are affected by it...  it was just shocking to hear that from the doctor.

So...  the verdict, we have dodged a bullet thus far!  Jeffery's eyes are free and clear of inflammation.  YEAH!!  :o)  He is though however in need of glasses, which I will post at a later time.  He will return in 6 months to have his eyes re-checked, and we will pray that there are no adverse affects from the medication, and no arthritis inflammation.

YEAH for great check ups!

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