Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Shades

So I know that eye protection is important.  I always have.  My kids were little and I bought them sunglasses...  but after a dozen or so pairs...  learned...  NOT to spend my money on them :o)

With JA there are LOTS of things to think about...  one of the things to watch is vision changes, inflammation redness...  They are all indicators of inflammation of they eyes.  With the MTX, it causes sun sensitivity.  We have to use sunscreen regularly...  (im terrible at that...  once upon a time I was good at it) If we don't, we end up with weird bumps under the skin and blisters. (not every child has this same reaction)  So when we were told Jeffery needed glasses, I opted to get him prescription sunglasses too!  So here are the pix of his great new shades! :o)

So here are the pix of my handsome boy!  Gosh I love this kid!

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  1. you can pick up rx glasses and sunglasses for 20-40 bucks. I've had my optician check 4-5 pairs and they are all perfect (I buy our primary glasses from the local optician and our backup/kid glasses online)