Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shot night mixed with Compassion

Tonight is shot night...  (it used to be Saturday)  Humira,for Abbie and  Methotrexate for both Abbie and Jeffery...  Bailee heard Abbie scream into a pillow and comes over and said, "I will hold your hand"  We did her MTX second and it apparently doesn't burn and she said, "My hold your hand Abbie??  My help you not a cry"  Jeffery was second and he is very brave ALWAYS...  for his shots. I told Bailee "do you want to hold Jeffery's hand and help him feel better?"  Bailee said, "yes, My help him not a cream"  She comes over holds his hand and talked him through his shot," Don't cry Jeffery, my right here, My love you, my sorry you have a shot, my love you my right here..."  The one thing i have learned from this whole Juvenile Arthritis experience is how much my kiddos love each other, how much compassion they have learned for each other...  With this I have learned I have done something right as a parent, I have taught compassion.

There are days, when I hate this disease, more often than not...  today, for some reason even after the horrid Humira, Im grateful for the compassion and love in my home that my children have for each other...  in some ways, I wonder if even though this is a debilitating disease if part of the blessing in this is...  what we all are learning from each other....  to love each other more a learn more compassion than we might have.

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