Thursday, October 25, 2012

Home work with JIA includes an ottoman, heated blanket and one motivated girl!


  1. Hi, I am Dana Morningstar. I manage the JA Awareness Grp with IAAM. I am following up with people who blog about JA. I was wondering if you were interested in being listed as a JA Blogger and also if you would like to be a Blog Leader. I can give you more info about being a Blog Leader as well as a contract to sign and return to me. IAAM is starting their own blog and would like to list the JA Bloggers w/ a little blurb about them...if you are interested, could you email me at Thanks, Dana

  2. Hi Kristie,

    So sorry to post this on your blog, I just didn't know how else to reach you!

    I'm Natalia, the Community Coordinator at WEGO Health, a small online community of Health Activists that work to create resources and spread education to empower online health leaders. I am currently working on a project with JA and in my research I came across your blog. You have really created a great resource for the online JA community and as such I thought you might be interested in participating in our upcoming arthritis related Health Activist Insight Group. Our Insight Group will focus on JA, specifically SJIA and I would love to include your perspective!

    We have set a date for the panel, it will take place next Thursday, November 15th. We will be holding four, one hour long sessions to accommodate everyone's schedules. They will take place at Noon ET, 4PM ET, 6PM ET and 9PM ET.

    Just to give you a little more background about the panel, the way the panel will work is each participant will call into a conference call and will also login to an online meeting where they will be able to see a moderator from WEGO Health go through a power point presentation. We will just be asking questions about the online SJIA and JA communities, gaps in education that may exist and what kinds of resources could be created to empower the community. In this particular insight group we will be discussing some topics around biologic treatments as we have heard from some community members that there seems to be a gap in knowledge about some of them so it would be helpful if participants had some knowledge level around them. We are really just looking for candid feedback and thoughts from everyone on the call so there's no need to prepare anything. We keep these very casual. Each participant will receive a $35 gift card as a thank you for giving up your time. This particular panel is being sponsored by a pharmaceutical company, the company wants to understand more about the online community and run some ideas by you guys to see what kinds of resources they could build to help the community. I wanted to make sure you knew that up front in case you had any questions or were uncomfortable with that.

    Also, if you know any other SIJA or JA Health Activists who might be interested in this opportunity please feel free to forward along this email or send me their contact and I will reach out to them directly.

    I hope all is well and I really look forward to hearing back from you!

    All my Best,


    Natalia Forsyth
    Community Coordinator
    WEGO Health