Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Parent advocacy pep talk

I find myself at times, talking to other parents.  Whether it is for school, JIA, support groups or in a court room.  I am a sincere believe that advocacy is the only thing that can truly make a change in people's lives.  Lack of advocacy even for yourself, can be a bad thing.  Today I responded to another parent about switching doctors.  I thought I would share my reply because I feel it is something MORE JIA parents and parents in general...  aka ME / I need to remember!

As a mom/parent in general, don't worry about finding the right fit(doctors/ professionals in general.) How about this...  Worry about finding the right fit but don't worry what anyone else thinks about your opinion. Do what you feel is best for your child.  You as a parent you are your child's best and primary advocate, whether it be medical or education, social, you will always do what you feel is best. Many will try to steer you in one direction or another.  Not everyone will be happy with those hard choices you have to make.  I have made choices, that even my extended family do not agree with for my kiddos.  As a parent we have to be able to sleep at night knowing we (my husband and I) did what we think is best. It is HARD!  I sincerely believe we as parents were given the children we have because we are stronger than most!  <3  Don't second guess yourself!  You are doing great!  You are looking for help and support and those are the first steps in advocating for your child!

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